Who the Hell is Preston James?

3 Reasons You Should Consider Listening to a
Former "Walk On", First-String College Linebacker
about Your Trading and Investing

Reason Number One:

First things first… I am no one special.  I’m not more intelligent than you… I’m not better trained than you… and as I teach – I check my ego at the door.

I barely made it through high school, and if it weren’t for the football team – they wouldn’t have allowed me to make it through college. And the fact that I was a linebacker should tell you volumes about my level of “brilliance”, “intelligence” – and that…

I Am NOT the Brightest Crayon in the Box.

When my Mom talked me into learning to play an instrument, I chose the trumpet for the simple reason it only had 3 buttons, not 88 keys on a piano or 27 valves on a saxophone!

But – if there’s one thing I want you to know about me, it’s contained in those two simple words “walk on”. I am passionate about the things I love. And my passion drives me.

Preston James is 39-years old, married for 15 years -- and enjoys living in Sandy, Utah
with his 3 children and his beautiful wife.

Preston has made a full-time living taking advantage of opportunities in the
stock market for 11 years.

I am passionate about trading… and passionate about making a difference in the life of anyone who has stepped up to the plate, and dared to label themselves some sort of “trader”.

If that is you – then you’re in the right place, at the right time, reading the right information.

Again… I’m no one special – I am… however, extremely blessed (as are most people -- if they just stop and count their blessings).

Reason Number Two:

In every way, I am very much like you – and I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to wade through all the muck that’s being sold… and I have paddled through the mud – trying to figure out the trading game, trying to succeed.

I've gone through the seminars... the courses... the books... the subscriptions... you name it.

And this is why I’m here – right here, right now – writing a message I hope will strike a chord within you so you can see that what I have really does work… and what I have is really different -- set-ups you can use make loads of money with.

Reason Number Three:

I’ve figured some things out that might work for you.  They certainly work for me… and my trading results can only speak for me – but I’ll tell you I’m thrilled with the result.

Now, I honestly CAN'T know if they’ll work for you – and that's why every product I sell comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

However, I DO know that several top traders have found solace using many of my strategies.  Enough to seek me out and want to get to know me better.  You may have heard of them – they’re some pretty big names:

  • Jon Najarian

  • Ross Jardine

  • Tobin Smith

Beyond these three reasons… I’ve had a passion for stocks ever since I can remember. Actually, it all started at my first job (at a popular discount stock brokerage firm) right after graduating from college with a degree in Finance.

In college I “walked-on” the football team at a major university and after being a “tackling dummy” for a full year, I earned a full-ride scholarship and started for two years at middle linebacker. I was hungry to play football at the major college level.

And when I got introduced to trading and investing, I got hungry again!

I’ve been actively trading since 1993.

From day one I was smitten.

I simply love the stock and options markets!  Early on I committed to learn every single thing I could about how to become a better trader.  (I still remember my very first trade – it was on Comair Airlines!)

After realizing the most everything I learned didn’t fare so well over in “the real world”, I felt a fire inside of me to share and teach others all of things I was trying in my own trading – both the hits and the misses.

Now this is about the time where the bragging starts.

You know... where the head honcho rants and raves about all the money he’s made and all the winners and how he told his flock to get out the very day before the market crashed…

So instead of bogus hype, I’d rather share with you what two of the most respected investor minds in the business have to say about me:


What Two Trading Pros Say
About Preston James...

"I’ve known Preston (aka ‘Pirate’) for coming up on a decade now and he’s one of the sharpest option traders around. He’s constantly creating opportunities – he is also one of the best I’ve ever seen at exploiting those opportunities."

"I’ve met hundreds of folks face to face that subscribe to his services and I can honestly say that his subscribers speak EXTREMELY HIGHLY of him and the results they’ve gotten using his systems."

– Jon "Dr J" Najarian
Leading Options Authority, 25-Year CBOE Floor Trader
Founder: OptionMonster.com

"Gaining and keeping an edge in the market is one of the main keys to successful trading… Preston has refined his system enough to teach you how to gain and keep your own edge on the market—he’s the real deal."

– Tobin Smith
Fox News Channel’s "Bulls & Bears"

Founder ChangeWave Research and
author of "ChangeWave Investing"



So there you have it. That’s “who the hell” I am… and several pretty good reasons why you might want to lend an ear to my message.

And the more you get to know me, I'm sure you'll come to realize that I really do care about your success.

Yours for Bigger Winners, More Often,

Preston James aka “the Pirate”